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About Next Gen Creators

Hello there!  We are a non-profit organization providing a platform for youth to explore their skills as entrepreneurs and innovators through events and projects that provides opportunities for real-life application.

We empower the Caribbean and Latin America regions’ young developers, designers and tech-entrepreneurs.

Our Programs


Our annual hackathon (Coders Of The Caribbean) provides the perfect playground for aspiring and existing developers  and creatives to spend an entire weekend bringing their ideas to life. These techies then pitch it to a panel of judges.


Our workshops explore multiple disciplines – from Intro To Coding to Crafting Your Big Idea. It provides an ideal opportunity for students to access our mentors and develop their skills.

Community Events

Through our community platforms we help members foster relationships, collaborate and access exclusive opportunities. Our events are focused on bringing together some of the region’s most passionate techies and entrepreneurs.

Coders Of The Caribbean

If you’re interested in learning to code – this is the place for you. Some of Jamaica’s most creative and innovative youth will join us at Coders to spend 42 hours creating awesome technology. It’s the ultimate code-marathon experience right here in the heart of Kingston-Jamaica.

Next Gen Creators Summit (2018)

Our summit is the ideal event for young entrepreneurs to further immerse themselves into the world of business & entrepreneurship. Attendees will spend the day hearing from our passionate panel of young entrepreneurs and 5 influential keynote speakers. We hope to introduce a wider view of entrepreneurship as a new method of economic growth
and development.

+Many More!

We’re on a mission to promote Entrepreneurship and Tech. Through partnerships we host other events that help us to accomplish this mission.

Some of our partner events – Diamond Challenge (UDEL)